jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2008


Life’s Videogame (El Videojuego de la Vida) is an independent project that wants to make evident, through a comic in digital format, the new habitudes in Lima city, product of the living together of their inhabitants with the new technologies imposed by the globalized world.

Digital environment tools have been taken advantage of during the whole process of creation, production and diffusion of the comic, convoking anecdotes and participants through chain e-mails, retouching images or drawing directly on the software and diffusing the job on the Internet.

The speed we live conditioned to by a technocracy that postpones the spaces of reflection and human values, makes of man a being each time more alienated and dependent of power groups, which have shown a voracious appetite for the accumulation of more and more power at any price affecting the planet’s environment and security.

Through comic’s graphic and ludic language, characters, situations and scenes in common with citizens of new millennium’s Lima have been stood out: videogames, mobile telephony, Internet, etc.

The complex panorama in which we live submerged demands for an educative policy that may complement the use of new technologies with cultural, ethic and harmony values, with the ecological all-together, not only to truly enrich citizens’ life quality but, in a real perspective, for the species’ survival.

May God find us confessed.

San Miguel, March 28th, 2008

Translated by Nathalie Delgado

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